"Dr. Chaney is amazing.  I had been through a health crisis, and my primary care physician suggested that I make an appointment with her.  She helped me heal from a digestive issue that I had been dealing with for over 20 years.  She gave me great information on how to handle the issue, and suggested nutraceuticals.  She works on the whole person, including your beliefs, psychology, and environment, not just the illness or condition.  She is knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly, and professional. She listens to you, and genuinely cares about your well-being.  You will be blessed and very fortunate to have her as a doctor.”

- JP

"Dr. Chaney, you are a wonderful doctor!

I was impressed by how much you know about how the body works, both in terms of traditional and alternative medicine and how you are able to apply it to the individual patient.

I have been to other health professionals who can tell you a lot about general practices and treatments, but they can't tell you how that relates to your specific set of symptoms or general body makeup. You are also very willing to share your knowledge. I love the way you took the time to tell me what my problems were and explained it in a way that made sense to me. This is a rare and exciting quality, at least in my experience.

I also looked forward to my visits to your office. Every visit I get a dose of new fascinating learning experiences, punctuated with a lot of laughter. How many health professionals can you say that about?"

- JB

"I have been working with Dr. Chaney over the last two years for myself and daughter.  This was our first encounter with the Naturopathic approach to health care. We looked into this alternative due to frustration of the need to use ever increasing prescriptions, and because we wanted to identify and address the 'root cause'.

My daughter's ADD has improved by eliminating foods from her diet that were causing delayed reactions.  We corrected vitamin and mineral deficiencies by introducing her to some new supplements, which have helped with her attention issues.  She has been a great partner in my daughter’s health concerns.

For myself, I have been working with Dr. Chaney on delayed responses to different foods.  By eliminating foods which I tested a delayed reaction to, I was able to eliminate the need for taking seasonal allergy medicines from months to just a few weeks a year.  This also made a tremendous difference in my skin rosacea.  I no longer need to apply topical medicine to my face.  The most dramatic effect of these changes has been the lost of over 30 pounds."

 - Mother in mid-50’s and daughter in early 20’s

"My experiences with Dr. Chaney over the last year have surpassed my expectations in every way. At our first meeting, I expected the usual first-appointment-with-a-new-doctor question and answer session, along with a routine annual checkup. By the time I left two hours later, we had discussed not just my health history, but also my personal goals and expectations – she really wanted to know what I thought a happy and healthy future would look and feel like so we could make a plan to get there together. Since that first appointment, Dr. Chaney has helped me uncover some very sensitive issues that have been undermining my health and happiness, and has given me positive tools to help me conquer them. She is open to questions, asks for feedback and follows up promptly with results and next steps. Her office is friendly and welcoming, and her practice at Woodside Health & Tennis Club is well coordinated with the other highly competent employees in the same building. I’d recommend Dr. Chaney without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a smart, honest and open-minded professional to guide them to a healthier way of life."

 - CP

“Dr. Chaney is a caring and dedicated doctor. She helped me through a difficult cancer treatment and I appreciate everything she did to relieve the side affects of the drug I was taking. Any individual seeing her is very fortunate, the care, understanding and compassion are truly wonderful.”

- MD